Java Interview(s) Question(s)

JDK, JRE, JVM differnce 
OOPS concepts
what is class ? 
what is Interface ?
is java support multiple inheritanc ? How we can achive it ? Give example
Runtime Polymorphism
Exception Handling , throw, throws, finaly
Exception Handling with Method Overriding
String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder Class
what is == and equals 
How can create immutable class .
Memory areas in JAVA
Thread class vs Runnable Interface ? Which you prefer and why ?
What is Deadlock ? why it occures ?
different between Process and Thread ?
Thread Priority ?
How contaxt switching between multiple Threads ?
Why Wrapper class needed ?
What is generic ? What is use of generic ?
Comparable and Comparator
what is collection ? what are the use of collection ?
How we can short list based on multiple fields ?
Difference between HashMap and Hashtable, ArrayList and LinkedList, HashMap and HashSet ,ArrayList and Vector
what is use of hashCode() and equals() method ? what is the contract between them ?
How HashMap works internally ?
What is Generic in java ? What is use of it ?
What is reflection ? How to prevent Reflection ?
can we call garbase collector externally ?
Serializable vs Externalizable 
what is marker Interface ? list of marker Interface ?
have you created marker interface ? for what puspose ?
Socket Programming 
what is RMI ? -- > RMI build upon SocketProgramming.
what is cloning ? and type of cloning 

-------------------------------------------Concurrent Package Questions-------------------------------------------------------------

What is thread local ?
What is lock ? 
What is Reentrantlock ?
what is the different between Lock and Synchronization ?
where to use synchronize map and where to use Concurrent Hashmap ? what is the different between them ?
What is Executor service ?
What is blocking queue ?
if i want to do multiple task paralally then how it achive ?

------------------------------------------Web service ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Soap components and its works ?
what WSDL contains ? 
Types of soap service ? RPC type and Document Type
Which one is best ? why ?

------------------------------------------JSON and XML Parser & XSLT ,XSD--------------------------------------------------------------
Xstream , JaxB , DOM
can we parse only selected fields apart from the class using any parser ? if yes then how ?
What is XSD ? What is use of XSD ? contant of XSD ?
What is XSLT ? Use of it ?

------------------------------------------Maven Questions-------------------------------------------------------------

What is maven ?
Maven commands ?
What is Group and Artifects in Maven ?
What is repository ? type of Repository ? where it is stored ?
how to configure central repository ?
How to create Multimoduel project using maven script ?
Maven script for deploy application on server directally?

----------------------------------------Spring Questions-------------------------------------------------------------
What is Spring ?
What is IoC ?
What is Dependency injection ?
what is bean ?
What is AOP? why use it ?
What are the different scope of BEAN ?
Different between BeanFactory and ApplicationContext
if i create 2 bean in xml configuration without providing scope then what happen ?

------------------------------------------Hibernate Questions ------------------------------------------------------
What is Hibernate ? Use of it ?
Why SessionFactory is heavy Object in Hibernate ?
What is transaction ?
What is session ?
Cache in hibernate ? how it works ?
persist vs save ?
How second level cache works ?
what is criteria query ?
What is projection ?
Scenario : A Student can choose multiple course and in single course have multiple student - Create class mapping

-----------------------------------------EJB Questions------------------------------------------------------------------
What is EJB ? 
Types of EJB ? 
Why EJB is used ?
what is session bean ?
Describe Session bean, MessageDriven Bean,Entity bean ?
What is JMS ?
type of JMS messaging domain ? --> Point to Point and Publisher/Subscriber
what is JMS Queue ?

-------------------------------------------Design Pattern Questions-------------------------------------------------------------
What is design pattern ?
How many design patterns you know ?
Where is singleton pattern used in java api ?
In java IO which design pattern is used ?
What is objerver pattern ?

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