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We provide complete Odoo development services.
By offering the best and most recent in Odoo development, we hope to go above and beyond your expectations. For your Odoo needs, we provide quick, efficient, and ergonomic development solutions.

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Our Services for Odoo Development

With market awareness, iterative research models, and continuous improvements to the processes of Odoo development, we aim to advance towards not only the development of the needs of your business's present but also research into what you will need in the future.

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Mobile App Development

The dependence on desktop computers to conduct business is quickly being replaced by mobile technology.

Via our designed mobile apps, Do Incredible assists you in utilising the full potential of the many millions of portable devices to alter your store and business.

With our app-based development solutions, we are gradually moving into the mobile phase of the Odoo platform.
We have successfully created mobile applications for the Odoo website, POS, and other features like the marketplace.
We offer services for iOS and Android.
We set the bar for successfully creating and implementing mobile apps for Odoo.
We create, optimise, and customise the Odoo mobile apps to your specifications.
If you haven't already, consider how powerful mobile technology can be for your company. It is high time to start thinking about them.

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Odoo Migration Services

Migration is never easy, whether you're switching from one version of Odoo to another or switching from another platform entirely to Odoo.

The appropriate handling of our clients' Odoo migrations is something that we at Do Incredible accomplish on a daily basis.
thorough analysis of the client's infrastructure to create a migration plan.
To ensure that any differences are resolved, testing services are provided both before and after deployment.
Providing our clients with solutions for migration and enhancements to Odoo.

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Odoo SAAS Development

The market is being overtaken by cloud computing. Moreover, Odoo SaaS enables you to use Odoo without bothering about physical setup. Scalability, low maintenance requirements, and continuous access to Odoo from any location are all provided.

One of our main areas of concentration is Odoo SaaS development because it provides the best answer for every organisation, especially for small to medium sized businesses while being easy on their budgets.

We offer options to clients who want to put up an Odoo SaaS server on their own premises in addition to serving clients that use Odoo SaaS.

We create modules that work with the SaaS version of Odoo.
By introducing companies to the Cloud Platform with Odoo, we hope to keep up with the development of technology.
With our Odoo SaaS Kit Allowing Businesses to Realize Odoo SaaS Server at Their End, we were a pioneer in the development of modules that change your Odoo server into a SaaS service provider.
developing, putting into practise, and setting up the server for the SaaS service, Odoo, for clients.

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Odoo Customization Services

Since we are aware that no two people are alike, we have created the ideal handcrafted cogs to enable you to use Odoo in accordance with your needs.

We handle minor to major requests for Odoo modification.
Your Odoo Database's performance is enhanced so that it operates more quickly and efficiently.
enhancing third-party modules through customization.
Depending on your demands, we offer services to add features to Odoo modules.
For you, we'll create modules from scratch.
enhancing the usability of Odoo and making it easier to use for each of our clients through well tested customizations.

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Improving Approachability to End Users

A key component of the customer experience matrix, which also includes customers' convenience and prompt response to their requests, is instant gratification. Companies are increasingly identified by the kind of customer service they provide.

We created the modules to enhance payments and shipping operations for your company since we recognise how important consumer convenience is in today's competitive market scenario.

Our goal is to offer our customers shipping and payment options that are both globally and locally accepted.

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Odoo Themes Development

Because Looks Is Important Websites with engaging graphics get more reactions from users. The Odoo themes enter the picture here.

The best themes, however, are those that not only enhance the aesthetics of your website but also provide fresh features to enhance user convenience and satisfaction.

We provide very responsive themes for both Odoo websites and their backend.
Creating Odoo themes that enhance the functionality and complexity of the Odoo websites.
performance, loading speed, and SEO optimisation.
Additionally, we modify our themes to work with third-party modules on your Odoo system.

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Services for Odoo Multi-Platform Integration

Running websites across many e-commerce platforms is both profitable and advantageous. Yet, the additional administrative expenses and resources required can occasionally be too much.

Nowadays, the majority of vendors have stores on various platforms, like Magento, Prestashop, etc. Interoperability across several platforms allows you to control every system from a single location.

What Odoo can accomplish for you is that. And here's where we step in...

To help you handle several e-commerce platforms with ODOO more efficiently, we create software that integrates them.
Create efficient and user-friendly Odoo Multi-Channel Connectors to administer numerous websites simultaneously.
To provide the best products for our customers, we carefully examine industry trends and the current propensity towards various channels.
We not only develop but also optimize and customize the Odoo connectors as per our client’s requirements.

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POS Development for Odoo

Because it is quick, reliable, and simple to use and maintain, POS is widely used. All of these topics are addressed with Odoo POS. It is sufficiently sophisticated to offer you a wide range of capabilities for managing your shop. And simple enough to modify and shape to your need.

The intrinsic integration between Odoo POS and Odoo offers a huge chance to expand and improve upon the current functionality.

In order to improve queue management in your store, we make Odoo POS more effective and user-friendly.

POS hardware and software alternatives and solutions are provided to lessen reliance on IoT Box.
developing modules for Odoo POS that are customer-focused.
managing client requests for customizations from all across the world.
We assist clients who seek POS Speed Up development to Make Odoo POS Faster to load.
Create mobile apps for Odoo POS to make it more ergonomic.

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Hire developers for Odoo

To fulfil all of your needs for custom development, Do Incredible has a dedicated team of Odoo developers who are available on demand. Our Odoo developers are highly skilled in both technical and functional aspects of the Odoo platform.

Being an authorised Odoo Ready Partner, we are dedicated to giving our customers the highest calibre services. Also, our crew has received complete training in Odoo and is capable of customising the source code for Odoo Enterprise.

A trustworthy team of full-stack Odoo engineers that we hand-selected and assembled has been certified and has years of expertise working on Odoo ERP projects.

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Professional certified by Odoo.
Functional Certification for Odoo v16.
10+ deployable modules are ready.
60+ Odoo implementations Completed.

Depending on the demands of your project, you can engage a variety of Odoo resources. Our Odoo experts will give your project their full attention. You can work with our business team to get a quote or you can engage Odoo developers on an hourly basis.

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